DDR-EXP V9 Heavy Compo Pack

Hier kun je zelfgemaakte stepfiles posten en praten over stepfile editing (audio files graag extern hosten vanwege copyright redenen).
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DDR-EXP V9 Heavy Compo Pack

Postby Fietsemaker » Sun Jun 23, 2019 8:54 pm


The tournament pack for the ITG Heavy competition of DDR-EXP V9 is up for grabs! If you are interested in joining (or just want to take a look) you can download the pack from the link below and practice the songs in advance to prepare for the competition. If you don’t have a place to play ITG you’re welcome to play at our location, The Games Guild, including during the event itself with all the other games!

DDR-EXP V9 Event:

Pack for download:
https://mega.nz/#!c8IBkQaJ!8X4zoTmiPVCj ... wClQzJjIUg
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