DDR Exp 6 Heavy Compo Pack

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DDR Exp 6 Heavy Compo Pack

Postby Fietsemaker » Thu Mar 09, 2017 8:45 pm

This DDR Exp I'll be hosting the heavy competition for the first time, which means I will also have the pleasure of torturing the participants with weird simfiles providing a tournament pack. So without further ado, here is the DDR EXP V6 Tournament Pack. Download link.

Song List:

Seeding round (8):
Running in the 90s (Fietsemaker)

Aim Burst (TYLR)
Follow Tomorrow (Sudzi781)
Future MUSiC (Fraxtil)
Que Veux-Tu (mute)
The Hero from Junes (J. Berkowitz)
Top of The World (Thumbsy)
Tubthumping (Dossar)
Twin Ferrets (Sudzi781)

HAPPYMAKER (Junk Remix) (Thumbsy)
Must Be The Feeling (Fraxtil)
Negative Aperture (Implode)
No Sense Running (J. Berkowitz)
Poco Loco (Mandodo)
Profession (P. Mason)
Shelter (Fietsemaker)
Squid Sisters (J. Berkowitz)
The Power of Underground (TYLR)

Crystals (mute)
Deal With It (Fraxtil)
Level Bounce (J. Berkowitz)
Lonely Star (Behy)
Nowhere (iamchris4life)
Oboro (Sudzi781)

Alice in Mystic Garden (Little Matt)
Cherry Blossom (Badjas)
City Never Sleeps (iamchris4life)
Flash Back 90s (mute)
Happy People Happy Music (mute)

All Ever For There (Happy Feet)
Neverland (J. Nero)
Poochie (ATB)
Transport (Little Matt)

Miracle 5ympho X (J. Nero)
World Sound (Zaia, Prolix, & TYLR)
Yuuyake (mute)

Quick Tournament Overview:

I'll explain the tournament rules/setup in detail at the actual event, but for now I'll provide a quick rundown of the (tentative) tournament setup.

  • All tournament results/rankings will be determined by ITG percentage score.
  • First, in the seeding round, all players will play Running in the 90s, which will determine the seeding positions.
  • The main tournament will be a double elimination bracket.
  • Each round the difficulty will move up, starting at 8 and going up to 13 in the finals.
  • Every match leading up to the quarter finals will be decided by a single song. Both players have the option of eliminating one song in the current difficulty pool, after which a randomly selected song from the remaining songs is played.
  • Starting from the quarter finals, every match will be a best of three. Both players select one song from the current difficulty pool (no elimination). If the result is 1-1, a third randomly selected song from the remaining songs is played.
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Re: DDR Exp 6 Heavy Compo Pack

Postby Benjaboyy » Sun Mar 19, 2017 6:36 pm

Realy nice collection with a lot of technical charts! Can wait to see them played in the competition
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Re: DDR Exp 6 Heavy Compo Pack

Postby kirituin » Mon Apr 03, 2017 11:41 am

Im really tempted to join in i might just give it a try if streaming goes well
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