Heb je andere spellen wat niet onder DDR en ITG vallen, post ze dan in deze forum.
You got other games which do not fall under DDR and ITG subject, then post them in this board.
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Postby omega-xis » Sat Jul 23, 2016 9:27 am

ok some of you have probably heard of a rhythm game called soundvoltex.
it's only released in the japanese arcade and it uses always-online DRM so the chances of seeing an arcade here are close to zero.
Some Japanese guy made a clone called "Kshootmania" but it's closed-off, windows only, has performance issues, it's written in some weird japanese-only programming language called HSP (hot soup processor) and worst of all, this guy was forced by konami to implement DRM into his latest release rendering these songs useless:
https://github.com/Schinizer/kshootmaniasdvx/releases (all sdvx songs ported to ksh format)

they can still be played with this old version of kshootmania but as we all know, this isn't a good long-term solution.
https://mega.nz/#!hl5H1YKS!vzOiNoKQuLh3 ... nUdnM2VfYU

So I'm currently co-operating with some people who did a basic kshootmania clone in C++
it's opensource which means DRM is pointless as anyone can just rip it out again, unfortunately it's not mature enough to be a good replacement of kshootmania but we're working on it!
if you have any interest in this game, and know how to program give us a helping hand, otherwise stay tuned!
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Re: SDVX/kshootmania

Postby Thumbsy » Sun Jul 24, 2016 12:03 am

While I can't do anything to help out probably, I can only applaud you guys! Promising sounds!
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Re: SDVX/kshootmania

Postby omega-xis » Thu Aug 11, 2016 4:51 pm

well good news! we have the prototype up and running on a linux box! it's just buggy as hell, so it still needs some work.

video: (sorry for the bad sound quality, my screenrecorder sucks)
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