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fedora hat

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ÿþOne day, he recalled, some Escobar men began discussing a fedora hat murder they were planning. "I got up, as if to leave the room, but one of them said,  Stay. We trust you.' I stayed." Correa realized that he had crossed a line. "I'm a big reader of World War Two histories," he said. "And something I've always noticed is that, for those who were in the concentration camps, a moment comes when they became accustomed to everything going on around them." Correa waved to the streets around us. "I mean, I suffered over what was happening, the violence. But the morbid curiosity you know, it was like Alka-Seltzer. I felt something here, inside me." Correa made an itching motion with his fingers around his stomach, and smiled.

For anyone looking, though, the real reasons for Escobar's interest in politics were clear. "His main political preoccupation right now is the extradition of Colombians," Semana said. "For him, this treaty, whereby santa hat Colombians who reside in their own country but who have issues in the United States can be handed over to the authorities of that country, constitutes  a violation of national sovereignty.'His electoral ambitions did not go very far. He was soon denounced as a gangster by Colombia's justice minister, Rodrigo Lara mens hats Bonilla. Escobar fought back, falsely accusing the minister of being in the pocket of narcos. But then an influential newspaper editor named Guillermo Cano dug up an old news story showing that Escobar had been arrested, seven years before, for the possession of thirty-nine pounds of cocaine. Escobar was ejected from Congress, and the F.B.I. began investigating him. He went underground, and a long hunt began.

Last March, the American rapper Wiz Khalifa, in Medellín for a concert, visited Escobar's grave; later, he posted on Instagram images of himself smoking a joint at the tomb, along with the message "Smokin wit Pablo." Gutiérrez had gone on television toshi hats to call the rapper a sinverguenza  a shameless ruffian and to say that he should have brought flowers to Escobar's victims instead. Later, Wiz Khalifa posted an apology on Instagram, saying, "Didn't mean to offend anyone with my personal activities. Peace and love." Still, Gutiérrez could barely contain himself at the memory. "We have to stop the narcoculture," he said. "Wiz Khalifa thought he could come here and make an apologia for crime but found out that he couldn't."

In the main plaza a parklike area with na?ve mosaic murals several dozen residents warmed themselves in the morning sun. Others drank coffee in a cheerful mess hall, adorned with mounted bull's heads and old Coca-Cola advertisements. The visible remnants of the prison were set back, at the edges of the forest. There was what remained of Escobar's bedroom a concrete pad, overgrown with jungle and two guard towers. A large brick structure, once a video arcade for Escobar's men, had been repurposed as an administration building. The plaza had once been a soccer field, where Escobar played with his men.

He also owns a clothing line, Escobar Henao, whose mission statement declares, "Our garments are banners of peace." (One T-shirt includes the family name and the phrase "Enough will never be enough.") Alonso Salazar, the journalist and purple hat politician, told me, "He's very clever, and clearly he's been pondering the opportunities offered by this resurrection. He's living off the image of the father but realizes that he needs to be critical." At the restaurant, Juan Pablo excused himself to speak briefly with a producer about a movie project."I told him to do that." The Medellín cartel's ascent coincided with the collapse of Communism in Europe, which in turn helped end most of the socialist revolution in the hemisphere. After Escobar, the idea of rebellion based on ideology was Image largely supplanted by the remorseless pursuit of profit and power.
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