DDR pads

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DDR pads

Postby dawnmage » Fri May 20, 2016 2:19 pm

resently i have been looking around again for news about buying pads.

its stil a hassle as foam pads are almost non exsistand of non obtainable.
as of this post futermax only has the impact soft dancemat of positive gaming (http://www.futuremax.eu/nl/impact-soft- ... itive.html)

i do not know annybody ho curently has this one so i cant check, but as i look at it there is only a bit of faom under the arows. its not the standerd i am used to (V2/V3 dance pads).
metal pads are expencive at the shop, so thats a no go.

googeling around i did found the following stuf:
https://www.leeborent.nl/i-Dance-Dance- ... -Roadshow/
http://embeddedfitness.nl/fitness-class ... dancepads/
http://www.fitnessgaming.co.uk/fitness/ ... _Mats.html/

the first beeing a USA thing (high shipping cost) the nl sites a rental shop.

at the moment havent found a replasement for a V3 softpad (not that is broken but i want to know how i can replace it if it does).
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