DDRNL audio setup small upgrade

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DDRNL audio setup small upgrade

Postby Power2All » Thu Mar 31, 2016 7:39 am

Hey hey,

I've updated my audio setup a little.
Added a Subwoofer (600 watts, 150 watts RMS), but one of my bass speakers of my speaker set is borked, so need to send it back to the company.
Hopefully I can get it sorted out before Tomocon begins.

But yah, we will have some nice audio sound at our location.

Also, anybody know someone with graphical art skills ?
I need to buy a roll-up banner for our setup, but need some nice graphical art for it.
Text wise of course, but also a little graphical wise.
Anybody out there willing to help ?
This way we can advertise this forum and DDRNL itself.
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