Simfiles with attack/lua gimmicks and beyond

In deze forum kun je over alles wat er omtrent Dance Dance Revolution en In The Groove te maken heeft, praten en discussieren.
In this forum you are allowed to talk and discuss anything regarding Dance Dance Revolution and In The Groove.
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Simfiles with attack/lua gimmicks and beyond

Postby Thumbsy » Mon Mar 21, 2016 2:27 pm

So with all these hilarious/breathtaking category of simfiles gaining more and more popularity, I figured I'd make this thread so we can share cool stuff that we come across. You can also share your own works here, I'd love to see it :P

Some examples that are well-known by now in DDRNL's songlist are these for example:
One of the coolest looking lua gimmick files imo


One of the leading names in this field, TaroNuke, just made an interesting announcement for those who liked the couple of Undertale files he released recently:
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