DDr Alphen aan den Rijn [whatsapp group]

In deze forum kun je over alles wat er omtrent Dance Dance Revolution en In The Groove te maken heeft, praten en discussieren.
In this forum you are allowed to talk and discuss anything regarding Dance Dance Revolution and In The Groove.
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DDr Alphen aan den Rijn [whatsapp group]

Postby electromuis » Sat Mar 19, 2016 5:10 pm

For a while now my little setup in 'Aphen aan den Rijn - Games Guild' has served for a lot of nice play. For al the people nearby interrested is some group sessions, i've setup a whatsapp group for this. One of the main things is FRIDAYNIGHT DDR, just to get together and play some serious ddr.
Usually its like "Imma play some ddr at the guild, anybody in?", and of course it's also used for general ddr conversation.

If you are interested in being added, just send me a poke. :D

If you are completely inactive in the group, you will be removed.
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