Pump Out: handy info reference for PIU PRIME

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Pump Out: handy info reference for PIU PRIME

Postby Thumbsy » Thu Sep 29, 2016 6:44 pm

I'd like to spread a little awareness of this cool service/app for those among us who play PIU PRIME.

The main strength is in the Android app, which you can use to conveniently look up all sorts of info independently from an internet connection. Apart from information, another very interesting feature are the weekly challenges and other competitive features. You can link your PRIME username with your Pump Out account, which then allows you to participate in competitions. The weekly challenges for example allow you to choose from a variety of charts to compete on. After joining a challenge, all you need to do is play them on PRIME (in Rank mode) and Pump Out will take care of the rest. It feels like StepManiaOnline kinda, you sort of get to play together and against each other thanks to a service that handles the results for you.

I think it's a pretty exciting thing and may even allow for me to organize bi-weekly 'official' Funland challenges (possibly with rewards for the winner) in the future once it is more developed and matured.

You can check out the website here to get an idea of what kind of things you can do with it, and you can find links to their Facebook page and Android app there as well.
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