Pump It Up 2015 PRIME final update coming, PIU 2017 PRIME 2 announced

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Pump It Up 2015 PRIME final update coming, PIU 2017 PRIME 2 announced

Postby Thumbsy » Mon Sep 26, 2016 5:09 pm

Andamiro announced the last official update for PRIME a few days ago.

If you know Follow Me and Yeo Rae A (both originating from PIU 2013 Fiesta 2), you'll notice these two are their sequels of some sorts. I'm kinda sad to see we've already reached the end of the line. But on the other hand I also look forward to all the previously locked stepcharts that will now become available as I never felt like unlocking them any time soon (I'm saving my PP to unlock avatars).

Also interesting to see is that PRIME 2 is planned for release towards the end of this year(!)
We probably won't be upgrading to that any time soon (there's still so much to play and explore for us in Prime after all) but if we can keep the support for Prime up, I'm hopeful that one day we might get an upgrade to Prime 2 or maybe even its successor depending on when the time is right!
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