Badjas' Bad Beats 5

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Badjas' Bad Beats 5

Postby Badjas » Thu May 16, 2019 6:05 pm

Soooooooo, this pack has been a long time in the making, more than a year now, I think....
Some of the files feel already really old to me by now and I didn't want to tweak them anymore, so I figured I should just release the pack, before I totally lose interest in it.

Most files are originals, but some of them are edit charts (e.g. adding more difficulties to an existing file).
Here is a preview of what the pack contains:

Giga - Bring it on (difficulties: 2-4-6-8-10)
Yasuharu Takanashi - Cobra's Theme (difficulties: 1-4-8-10-11)
Marianas Trench - Desperate measures (difficulties: 1-3-5-7-8)
DJ Yurbanoid - Feeling Liberty (difficulties: 4-7-9-12-13)
DG812 - Friendship (difficulties: 3-5-8-10-13-13)
Shappy - Get Crazy! (difficulties: 2-4-7-9-11)
Katagiri - Heisei Memehunters (difficulties: 6-10-12-14-16-20)
LamazeP - If It's Making A Song, Let's Get Started! (difficulties: 2-5-8-11-12)
Sakuzyo - Morning Fire (difficulties: 2-5-8-10-12)
Reol feat. nqrse - Ooedo Ranvu (difficulties: 1-4-8-11-12)
Jotori - Rainy Day (difficulties: 1-3-5-7-9)
Ninja Sex Party - Release The Kraken (difficulties: 1-3-5-8-10)
Amateras Records - Renkei Epilogue (difficulties: 3-5-8-11-13)
SrpskiBass - Sarma (difficulties: 5-11-12-13-13)
Yorushika - Say It (difficulties: 2-4-6-8-9)
Ginkiha - Starlight Station (difficulties: 2-4-7-8-10-10)
BlackY & PxLight - Tempura Dance (difficulties: 4-7-10-13-14-15)
Xomu - Tera (difficulties: 4-7-9-11-12)
USAO - USAO ULTIMATE HYPER MEGA MIX (difficulties: 9-11-13-16-17)
BPM15Q - コクハクワープ (difficulties: 2-5-8-11-11)

download link:
https://mega.nz/#!NxoRSQDI!zxkVJqyPRuCE ... nPfT3eMdzs
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