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DDR-EXP V7 Heavy Compo Pack

Posted: Tue Sep 12, 2017 6:31 pm
by Wastum
Sup all,

This edition, Fietsemaker and me will host the tournament. We compiled a nice little pack for all of you to compete in an always fun battle of who can be the best at In The Groove! We picked out the following songs for you guys, downloadlink is below!

Canblaster - A Yodeler in Texas (Gazebo)
Coyote Kisses - Acid Wolfpack (Fraxtil)
S-C-U - Ambitious (Fietsemaker)
DJ Sharpnel - Burst Linker (TYLR)
Krewella - Can't Control Myself (ICNH)
DJ Noriken - Don't Leave Me Alone (Thumbsy)
Adraen - Inner Universe (Zimlord)
Sporto-O - Let Me Hit It (Audiostalkers Original Mix) (Gazebo)
DJ Sharpnel - Mmmmmmm (TYLR)
FantomenK - The Massacre (Valex)

Thaehan - Bwa! (Badjas)
Philter - Gathering of Machines (Wastum)
S-C-U - Heron (ICNH)
Mootz - I Love R21Freak (Mootz)
Ucchies - Magical Voice Shower (mute)
Kinjishi - Nageki No Ki (Valex)
Crispy - Secret (Jayce)
Zircon - The Koto Chill (Sudzi781)

Shoichiro Hirata feat. Sana - BANG! (xRGTMx)
Gummibar - Buj Buj Polka (NIQ9)
Chromeo - Fancy Footwork (Crookers Remix) (Gazebo)
Mr.T - Fun (S. Russel)
Fall Out Boy - Irresistable (Fietsemaker)
BanYa - Monkey Fingers (Wastum)
S-C-U - Nanahoshi (iamchris4life)
Mayhem - Space Dog Escape Pod (Mootz)

Kamome Sano - 1.130205 (CondorTalon)
Hachioji-P feat. Hatsune Miku - Butterfly Graffiti (Drazu)
Synthion & Sefano - Galactic
Foxsky - Kirby Smash (Aoreo)
Spacekats - Land of the Rising Sun (Diskowarp Mix) (Mandodo)
Yonosuke feat. Hatsune Miku - Loop Memory

OSTER Project - Devilz Staircase (Rikame)
Zips feat. GUMI - Reiwai Terrorism (Gpop)
Tanchiky - Riot (TYLR)
P*Light - Starlight Dancehall (D. Vogan)

Specimen A & James d'ley - Aerodynamic (Wister)
The Flashbulb - Chik Habit (WinDEU)
Jakarta Funk Brothers - Insomnia (Valex)
Kola Kid - Spaceman (Valex)

Downloadlink:!chgRAApT!qrGnxIXzJLOP ... UQznrIbgO8

Re: DDR-EXP V7 Heavy Compo Pack

Posted: Wed Sep 13, 2017 8:54 am
by ivoSF

Re: DDR-EXP V7 Heavy Compo Pack

Posted: Wed Sep 13, 2017 11:24 pm
by Thumbsy
Fun song list overall! Some really tricky charts among them though *gulp*