Video Game Mega Pack 4

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Video Game Mega Pack 4

Postby marionintendo » Thu Feb 02, 2017 7:47 pm

Hello DDRNL! :) I don't know if you're aware of the Video Game Mega Pack series, but a new entry came out last year, and it's a big one. Very high quality. Thought I'd let you know! It's a keyboard pad, but I wouldn't be surprised if someone had enough skills to play this on pad. Only time will tell. Have fun!

Song List:
.Execute (Tsuka & MacGravel)
A Beautiful Day For Golf (MarioNintendo)
Abyss Stage - Phase 3 (cedo)
Airship Stage (cedo)
Alien Lair (MarioNintendo)
Alien's Lair (cerdo_claro)
All Over the World (cerdo_claro)
Angel Island Zone (SSBB Remix) [bmah]
Armor-Plated Armadillo (Nullifidian)
Art Through Adversity (MacGravel)
Ashley's Song [JP] (cedo)
Baba Yetu (hi19hi19)
Balloon Fight Medley (MarioNintendo)
Battle 2 (moches)
Battle! (Ho-oh) (hi19hi19)
Battle! (Legendary Pokemon) (hi19hi19)
Battle! (Lugia) (hi19hi19)
Battle! Deoxys (porkypink)
Battle! Trainer Battle (Flossy)
Betrayal (hi19hi19)
BGM II (Tsuka)
Big Blag's Lair (Tsuka)
Black Rain (MarioNintendo)
Blade's Stage (MarioNintendo)
Blue Field & Catch'em Theme (MarioNintendo & MacGravel)
Boss Theme (wv)
Can You Really Call This A Hotel, I Didn't Receive A Mint On My Pillow Or Anything (CyclopsDragon)
Carnival Stage (cedo)
Casino Area (MacGravel)
Ceramic Heart (MarioNintendo)
Chelnov Theme (MarioNintendo)
City (MarioNintendo)
Collision Chaos (Jombo)
Colress Battle (Kommisar)
Commodore (CyclopsDragon)
Cooking with Zess T. (cedo)
Crescent Island Boss Theme (Meno)
Cursed Destiny (MarioNintendo)
Dancing Leaves (cedo)
Dark Demon's Song (MarioNintendo)
Donkey Kong Country Theme (Nullifidian)
Dragon Slayer (dub)
Dream Figure Skating (MarioNintendo)
Dynamite Plant ~ Try Again (bmah)
Escape of the Infidels (hi19hi19 & mina)
Factory Stage (cedo)
Fantastic Theater (Antronach)
Fighting of the Spirit Arrange V2 (Gundam-Dude)
Final Battle! (Rival) (hi19hi19)
Fire Volcano (hi19hi19)
First and Last (Kraezymann)
Flight of the Battery (MacGravel & Tsuka)
Frontier Brain (Scylaax)
Fullmetal Fighter (Kommisar)
Gamma Quadrant (Tsuka)
Gaze Out Over the Sea (Dj_Ossa)
Gear Getaway (MarioNintendo)
Gerudo Valley (Cedolad & MarioNintendo)
Get Jinxed (XelNya)
Go Forth! Great Fox (Ferrari)
Go! Go! Novice Alchemist (Dj_Ossa)
God's Garden (MacGravel)
Goon Twins (Nullifidian)
Grab the Crystal Popcorn! (bmah)
Gradius II NES Medley (JX)
Grannies World Tour (dub)
Ground Theme - Underground Theme (MarioNintendo)
Hard Man's Theme (Tsuka)
High-Speed Beast (hi19hi19)
Home (Pazzaz)
Hope & Joy Peace & Love (MarioNintendo)
Hornet Dance (Tsuka)
I Left My Heart in Rosmarie (RoughSketch Remix fiercest train) (Nullifidian)
Ibitsu Naru Shinen Sono Na Ha Mao (XelNya)
In the Fires of Ignition (hi19hi19)
Inner Goldfield (MarioNintendo)
Jago (Sakuhachi Remix) (DJ Ossa)
Jet Set Medley Future (MacGravel)
Johnny C Bad (porkypink)
Jurassic Dope (Jombo)
Kara no Kyoukai (Gundam-Dude)
Kingdom of Devotindos (MarioNintendo)
Krook's March (bmah)
Life Flashing Before Ones Eyes (MarioNintendo)
Lily Islands (bmah)
Luigi's Mansion (MacGravel & Tsuka)
Mag Mount (Choof)
Magical Sound Shower (MarioNintendo)
Main Theme (MarioNintendo)
March of the One Legged Man (James May)
Mario Kart 7 Staff Roll (MarioNintendo)
Mario Paint Medley (MarioNintendo)
Mario Theme (BT REMIX) (wv)
Masquerade of Lies (Detrimentalist)
McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure Final Boss (hi19hi19)
Midnight Greenhouse (Tsuka)
Minuit … Fond la Caisse (James May)
Mountain Range (cedo)
NameEntry - 2A03+N106 mix - (Nullifidian)
Naval Battle (Tsuka)
Neko Atsume no Theme (Gundam-Dude)
Niagaro - Water Melody (Tsuka)
Opaque Air V2 (Gundam-Dude)
Operation Intrude (dub)
Over Drive (kommisar & cedolad)
Pancakes (MacGravel)
Pardoner's Dance (XelNya)
Pepperouchau's Adventure (Ferrari)
Phoenix Wright ~ Objection! (hi19hi19)
Pulse ~Elemia Arrange~ (Yesssss)
Rhythm and Balance (bmah)
Ringo's Theme (Kommisar)
River Stage (cedo)
Ruins of the Giant (bmah)
Sally (Select) (MooMoo_Cowfreak)
Samekichi's Resolve (James May)
Shard (Combat) (hi19hi19)
Skate Or Live (Nullidifian)
Skydeck A Go! Go! (Ferrari)
Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans (CyclopsDragon)
Sortie (MarioNintendo)
Splash Down (bmah)
Steel Massimo (Tim)
Streamworks (Saliva Island) (Tsuka & MacGravel)
Sunahara Plains (CyclopsDragon)
Super Smash Bros Melee Theme 8 Bit (hi19hi19)
Swamp Stage (cedolad)
TAKE OFF (MarioNintendo)
Temperance and Vengeance (Tsuka)
Temple (MarioNintendo)
The Apparition (cerdo_claro)
The Legend Of Zelda 25th Anniversary Medley (wv)
The Mysterious Murasame Castle (MarioNintendo)
The Valedictory Elegy (hi19hi19)
The Void of Space (MarioNintendo)
Their Own Brand of Justice (FoxX)
Theme of Frank West (Ferrari)
Training Mode v1.5 (ferrari)
Tropic of Capricorn (cerdo_claro)
Truth and Power (MacGravel)
Tube of Medusa (Tsuka)
Twister (porkypink)
Underwater (MarioNintendo)
Underwater BGM (Lofty)
Variations of Castle (Charu & Gradiant)
Volcano - Kamishimo X68000 mix - (Nullifidian)
War Season (dub)
Where You At (MooMoo_Cowfreak)
Wind Waker Unplugged (wv)
Wind-Blooming Mountain (Yesssss)
Wiosna (rCaliberGX)
Work Harder (3-T Scroat)
Yoru no Nikusyokujyo (Jombo)
You're Izayoi (MarioNintendo)
Your Best Nightmare (CyclopsDragon)
Ending Credits (MarioNintendo)

DOWNLOAD LINK (will download right away)
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