Really Long Stuff :: Expansion Songs

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Really Long Stuff :: Expansion Songs

Postby Fietsemaker » Wed Aug 24, 2016 1:28 pm

The Really Long Stuff expansion songs have finally arrived! This is the first of five expansion songs that I am currently planning to release; the other four will be released in this thread as well when the charts are finished (whenever that may be).

Really Long Stuff :: Expansion Song #1


Title: Initial D ~Hyper Mega Mix~
Artist: Various Artists
Duration: 15:58
BPM: 155.000-158.000
Genre: Eurobeat

Download link:

You can check the spoiler below for more information about the charts.
09 | 3196 steps (3.34 per second)
10 | 4394 steps (4.59 per second)
11 | 4931 steps (5.15 per second)
13 | 6327 steps (6.60 per second)
15 | 7531 steps (7.86 per second)

The second Really Long Stuff original. This song is featured on the Initial D ~D Selection 3~ album and contains several excellent eurobeat tracks featured in the Initial D series, mixed with some characters voice clips. The medium 11 is essentially the 'true' chart that fits the music most accurately, whereas the 13 and 15 charts provide more challenge for streaming enthousiasts such as myself. Quick breakdown:

09 | broken 8th streams, steps mainly follow the vocals.
10 | long 8th streams, some short 16th bursts (only a few notes per burst).
11 | similar to the 10, but with more 16th bursts (up to 1 measure in length).
13 | short 16th streams, varying between 6 to 8 measures in length.
15 | long 16th streams, adding up to several hundred measures in total.

Back in 2007 when I first started playing DDR at anime conventions, the Initial D charts quickly became some of my favourite charts to play. There is just something really hype about eurobeat in combination with DDR/ITG, and stomping arrows to songs like Night of Fire, Heartbeat and I Need Your Love always felt like a blast. To recreate some of that hype, I ended up stepping the Initial D ~Hyper Mega Mix~ for Really Long Stuff. The mix was originally just under 14 minutes long, so I tacked on I Need Your Love at the end (which, honestly, should have been included in the first place, since I Need Your Love is objectively the best song on the entire soundtrack). With the added song, the 'extended' mix exceeded the length of 15 minutes necessary for qualify for Really Long Stuff and ended up becoming the first completed expansion song.


Space Boy / Dave Rodgers
Back on the Rocks / Mega NRG Man
Running in the 90's / Max Coveri
My Only Star / Susan Bell
Save Me / Leslie Parrish
Remember Me / Leslie Parrish
Dance Around the World / Delta Queens
No One Sleep in Tokyo / Edo Boys
Heartbeat / Nathalie
I Need Your Love / Dave Simon
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Re: Really Long Stuff :: Expansion Songs

Postby Benjaboyy » Wed Aug 24, 2016 1:32 pm

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Re: Really Long Stuff :: Expansion Songs

Postby Jerros » Wed Aug 24, 2016 1:33 pm

Gawd yissss, thanks Fietsemaker! Can't wait to try it out. : ). The bpm seems comfortable as well. <3

EDIT: The bpm just means infinite 16th streams I guess. qwq Can't handle that 15, haha! Can't wait for more expansions though. :D

EDIT EDIT: Passed the 15. 8-)
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Re: Really Long Stuff :: Expansion Songs

Postby Fietsemaker » Fri Dec 23, 2016 11:53 am

This is the second of the five expansion songs. You can check the song info below the banner.


Really Long Stuff :: Expansion Song #2

title: Denjin K Megamix
artist: Various Artists
duration: 25:44
BPM: 173.000-191.000
genre: Hardcore

Download link:

You can check the spoiler below for more information about the charts.
12 | 7987 steps (5.2 per second)
14 | 9154 steps (6.0 per second)
15 | 10459 steps (6.8 per second)
16 | 11788 steps (7.7 per second)
18 | 13732 steps (9.0 per second)

Exterminate the core. We're gonna blow up the bass and trigger off the kicks. Be the victim of the beats, yeah. It's gonna erupt, it's gonna burst. Feel rhythm heating up. Radical gabber groove hits the floor. You better keep up with it. THE DETONATOR! Quick breakdown:

12 | a few short 1-measure 16th streams, but mostly just bursts and technical stuff.
14 | some short 16th streams, but mostly bursts, adding up to around 80 measures in total.
15 | several 16th streams around 8-16 measures, some breaks, adding up to 250+ measures in total.
16 | several 16th streams around 16-32 measures, some breaks, adding up to 450+ measures in total.
18 | many 16th streams, few breaks, adding up to 650+ measures in total.

So yeah, this song is actually pretty technical on the lower difficulties. The higher difficulties are still just mostly stream though. I tried to include another 15 chart, since RLS currently has so few of them, and I'm pretty happy with how the difficulty breakdown turned out. This megamix has a really nice build-up and will definitely get you hyped up when playing, so enjoy!


THE DETONATOR / teranoid vs. L.E.D.-G
THE SHINING POLARIS / L.E.D. feat. Sana (kors k mix)
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Re: Really Long Stuff :: Expansion Songs

Postby NekoMithos » Mon Dec 26, 2016 9:33 pm

We're gonna devastate, the place down.

However, since there are still 3 expansion songs remaining...

You think this is it?
You haven't seen nothing.

I'll make sure to get a score of this soon enough.
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