[2017.06.29] PIU 2015 PRIME Farewell Meetup

DDRNL staat vaak op bepaalde locaties. Deze worden op dit forum gepost, en kunnen besproken worden.
DDRNL is ocassionally at certain locations. These will be posted in this board, and can be discussed further.
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[2017.06.29] PIU 2015 PRIME Farewell Meetup

Postby Thumbsy » Fri Jun 23, 2017 12:16 pm

I'm organizing one more meetup before the PRIME network goes down.
See this thread for more regarding this.

Feel free to mark your attendance on the FB event.

Finally, I would like to deeply thank everyone of you who supported our PRIME in the past 13 months by playing and using their IDs, proving that there is still support and demand for these games considering the effort it takes to prepare an account and PRIME ID to play with. I hope that you will continue to do so even with the lack of online features, so that in the future we may perhaps upgrade the cab to a newer game! For now, enjoy the last few days of online PRIME and I hope we can all have one last record-snatching session together on the 29th!

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