[2017.03.18] Funland Arrow Stomp Community Meetup - March 2017

DDRNL staat vaak op bepaalde locaties. Deze worden op dit forum gepost, en kunnen besproken worden.
DDRNL is ocassionally at certain locations. These will be posted in this board, and can be discussed further.
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[2017.03.18] Funland Arrow Stomp Community Meetup - March 2017

Postby Thumbsy » Mon Mar 06, 2017 11:58 pm

No official events this month so heh, why not.
Just another community meetup :) I'll probably be there in the early-ish afternoon till evening.


If anyone has any ideas for additional fun stuff to do (like a score attack leaderboard for a specific chart for the day) just throw it out (t)here. At any rate, let's have a good time again together!
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