DDRNL and Performous going to share forums
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DDRNL and Performous going to share forums
Hey all,

Performous leader "Niek" will be joining the board.
They will use our forum for their community as well, and will add the forum boards for them soon.
Basically, the community will grow and get larger this way Smile

Nothing much will change though, just basically adding more gaming stuff on the forum.
Also, Niek will be Admin as well.
Imagine that, in the future, we have this DDRNL×Performous event, chew away lyrics while you stomp away arrows xd

Anyways yeah, nice, I think the two communities will go well together, seeing how we're both music-focused Smile
Events I'm attending/planning involving dancing games, feel free to join! Smile :
Find all rhythm game events in the Netherlands here!
Had to look up what Performous is but nice, the more the merrier

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