DDRNL Forum has a new moderator: MagixMan
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DDRNL Forum has a new moderator: MagixMan
Hey all,

I've added a new forum moderator: MagixMan.
He has been around a lot, and is mostly always at the DDRNL setup to help if he has to, and play as well.
After a little chat, I've given him moderator access, since he is also busy with other events next to DDR.

He will keep a eye out on the forum, and post interesting things as well, like video recordings and such things.
Nice going MM!
Thanks, expect lot's of updates from me, like captures/photo's during 'cons and ofcourse special events Wink
Nice one Magix ;3
And yes, you're pretty much one of DDRNL's cameramen nowadays Big Grin
Events I'm attending/planning involving dancing games, feel free to join! Smile :
Find all rhythm game events in the Netherlands here!

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